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Crooked Oaks’ List of Dos and Don’ts for Groomsmen

We’re freshening things up this wedding season and giving the sometimes-silent partners in the wedding party the spotlight—groomsmen! Guys, listen up.  Crooked Oaks’ list of dos and don’ts for groomsmen will help you make the most of this special honor!

Do help pick the tuxes.

Share your opinion when it comes to tuxedo styles, including your thoughts on the fit and fabric. After all, you want to do your part to look your best for your friend’s big day.

Don’t leave getting your tux fitted to the last minute.

In fact, make plans to try everything on the day you visit the store. Whether you are buying or renting your tuxedo, it is important to make sure it fits and you have all the pieces you need early on.

Do attend all the pre-wedding events and parties.

Other than a specified bridal shower, groomsmen are expected to show up for all the pre-wedding festivities. This includes the engagement party, any couple’s parties and, of course, the rehearsal dinner.

Don’t goof off during the rehearsal dinner.

Even if you have been in a wedding before, it’s important to give your full attention to the wedding at hand. There could be subtle differences or special additions, so stay focused on your role in the service.

Do help plan the bachelor party.

Even if you aren’t the best man, offer a helping hand when it comes to planning the bachelor party. Together, you are sure to plan a weekend or night to remember.

Don’t forget to offer to help pay for the bachelor party.

Weddings, and their festivities, can be expensive. Be a gent and offer to help with the cost of the bachelor party.

Do buy a wedding gift.

It’s customary for members of the wedding party to show their love and support for the bride and groom with a gift.

Don’t be afraid to ask other groomsmen to buy a gift together.

If you want to go big with your gift but don’t have a big budget, talk to your fellow groomsmen about going in together for something the newlyweds will love!

Do come ready to smile for photos.

Smile! These memories are meant to last a lifetime.

Don’t be late.

In fact, be early.

Do follow the four don’ts!

Next up on the Crooked Oaks’ list of dos and don’ts for groomsmen is a do that refers to four big don’ts. Are you ready to write these down, fellas?

To summarize, no chewing gum, no sunglasses, no hands in your pockets and no cell phones!

Don’t forget to dance at the reception.

Be a sport and help get the party started. When the music starts, you should start dancing.

Do decorate the getaway car.

Of course, not every couple will have a getaway car. However, if they do, it’s your job to make it memorable. And do keep it classy!

Don’t let yourself, or the groom, drink too much.

Again, keep it classy. Know your limits, and know the groom’s limits, when it comes to alcohol. It may be a good idea to have some of the groom’s favorite snacks and non- alcoholic beverages on-hand while you’re getting ready for the ceremony.

Do whatever you can to support your best bud!

From ushering wedding guests to their seats to loading gifts to last minute errands to speeches, be ready to do what it takes to show your friend you have his back.


Finally, do have fun! And, now that we’ve shared the Crooked Oaks’ list of dos and don’ts for groomsmen, they are ready to walk down the aisle too. For more helpful wedding tips, keep reading our blogs.

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