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Crooked Oaks’ Guide to an Unforgettable Wedding Reception

Every bride wants a memorable wedding day filled with great experiences for her guests! Create a celebration that stands out and makes your wedding unique by following Crooked Oaks guide to an unforgettable wedding reception.

Thoughtful seating arrangements

Although attending a wedding is lovely, it can also feel intimidating for guests who know very few people there. Prevent your guests from getting this feeling by creating a seating chart to foster good dynamics and connections.

Lounge areas

Allowing those who don’t like to dance to have somewhere to chat away from their tables, lounge areas are the perfect wedding reception addition.

But be sure to keep them close to the dance floor. You don’t want to spread the crowd out too thin, and you still want those not dancing to be able to enjoy the entertainment and good vibes.

Great food

Of course, it’s not a party without food and drinks! Choose a menu that reflects your taste and style. You may also want to consider a variety of options to accommodate dietary needs.

Personalized cocktails and the bride and groom’s drink of choice options are a great way to customize your wedding reception. Don’t forget to provide non-alcoholic options for guests who don’t drink.

Good entertainment

Next on the Crooked Oaks guide to an unforgettable wedding reception is entertainment!

No matter if you have a DJ or a live band, the quality of your entertainment matters. Without music that appeals to your guests, how do you expect the dance floor to take off?

In addition to music, you can include other entertainment such as photo booths, late-night food trucks, lawn games and more.


To round it all out, your wedding reception should be well-organized in order to go off without a hitch.

But don’t worry—Crooked Oaks can help with that. Tables will be cleaned of plates and empty glasses when needed; setup and breakdown are handled; parking is plentiful; and we will be there to answer any questions or take care of anything that pops up.


Now that you’ve read Crooked Oaks’ guide to an unforgettable wedding reception, are you ready to throw your celebration? Contact Crooked Oaks! From your engagement to your wedding and reception, we are ready to be there for you every step of the way.

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