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8 Most Popular Japanese Maples

It’s no surprise that Japanese maples are one of the most popular trees found at Crooked Oaks, but which varieties are the most loved in general? Find out more about the eight most popular Japanese maples and which ones can be found at 768 Red Creek Road in Notasulga. 


Coming in at number one is one of the largest varieties of Japanese maples, sometimes reaching heights of more than 20 feet. Thus, you have those delicate leaves that are still quite tall, giving your yard some shade. 

Bloodgood Japanese maple trees also add pops of color to your landscaping throughout the year. When the young leaves appear in spring, you might see a few weeks of green, but they soon turn a rich burgundy, and in the fall, they brighten to a crimson.

Emperor One 

Emperor One is a refined variation of the traditional Bloodgood Japanese maple. While the two are very similar, Emperor One is slightly more resilient to hot and cold temperatures. 

This small shade tree has three distinct seasons, with colors ranging from deep crimson to purple. The mature Emperor Japanese maple can reach heights of 10 to 15 feet and widths of the same. What’s more, this grand variety can be spotted at Crooked Oaks! 

Crimson Queen 

Another popular variety found on our grounds is the Crimson Queen. It’s a standout, featuring red lace leaves. This dwarf tree has an enchanting weeping form and low branching, making it an elegant focal point in a garden. 

On average, these Japanese maples grow about 10 feet tall and wide, which makes them perfect for containers.

Coral Bark 

Striking and unusual, the Coral Bark grows well in full light. Its coral-colored bark makes it a distinctive variety that is a good choice for smaller yards in need of more color.


The bright orange-to-red weeping leaves of the Orangeola Japanese maple make it a favorite. When fully grown, it stands at just 6 to 8 feet tall and wide, which means it can fit almost anywhere.

Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is a gorgeous dwarf maple with lacy red foliage that thrives in containers. When mature, it reaches a height and width of about 8 feet. This is another well-liked variety you can spot when you visit us!


Tamukeyama may be one of the most popular Japanese maples in general—and at Crooked Oaks! 

The low-maintenance, hardy and compact Tamukeyama lace leaf maple boasts royal scarlet and purple foliage for three seasons. When fully grown, this Japanese maple reaches heights of six to eight feet and widths of 8 to 12 feet.


The weeping Viridis makes others green with envy. It’s easy to see among the most popular Japanese maples because of its lush green leaves. This small tree cascades beautifully when housed in a container, and once again, it can be found in our gardens. 


From the most colorful Japanese maples in the fall to the most popular Japanese maples overall, you can feast your eyes on the beauty of several most-liked varieties and many more at Crooked Oaks. Learn more about Japanese maples, including tips for planting and caring for your own, by reading our blogs! 

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