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4 Reasons to Get Outside This Winter

It may be cold out, but that’s no reason to stay indoors! In fact, there are plenty of reasons to get outside this winter. From mental health to physical activity, here are four reasons to get outside this winter that will have you dashing out the door!

Health benefits.

Simply put, fresh air and sunlight are good for you. Research shows that getting a daily dose of fresh air and sunlight has several health benefits. It boosts your immune system, triggers the production of vitamin D, increases circulation and supports overall wellness.

Being outside reduces stress.

Did you know the great outdoors is a natural stress-reducer? It is! Spending time in natural settings is restorative and helps reduce anxiety.

What’s more, being outside will naturally lift your spirits too. Not only do the sun’s rays help us produce vitamin D, they also help us produce serotonin, which is one of the body’s “feel-good” chemicals.


Go for a brisk walk, jog or hike. Play a round of golf. Take a bike ride. Meet up with friends for pickleball or tennis. Luckily, winters in Southeast Alabama tend to be mild, which means there are still plenty of outdoor physical activities to choose from.

Improve your memory.

Studies show taking a walk outside in nature, even in the winter, can help improve memory performance and attention spans by 20% after spending about an hour in nature. Interestingly, the study revealed that just looking at pictures of nature versus cityscapes had the same boosted memory effect as well.


With these cool reasons to get outside this winter fresh on your mind, go for a walk. Enjoy the crisp air and sunshine. Or, better yet, check out these 7 Ways to Warm Up at Crooked Oaks This Winter and plan your visit to 768 Red Creek Road in Notasulga. For more outdoor inspiration, including learning more about Japanese maples, keep reading our blogs.

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