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6 Ways to Attract Birds to Your Yard This Spring

With spring officially arriving on March 19th this year, there’s no better time than now to get your yard ready for a flourishing season, including bird watching. That’s why we’re sharing six ways to attract birds to your yard this spring, so you’ll be ready for peak season in April and May! 

Provide water.

A simple birdbath is a good option for providing fresh, clean water for birds. Shallow bird baths with one to three inches of water will attract a variety of species who will bathe every day to keep their feathers clean. 

A small water feature with bubbling or moving water is also a good draw for birds. But remember to empty and refill birdbaths daily and clean them regularly. 

Put up bird feeders. 

Add a variety of bird feeders, including different styles, to your yard to attract different types of birds. Consider foods like sunflowers, peanuts, jelly, fruit, mealworms and bird seed blends that will attract a range of songbirds and more to your outdoor space. 

Pick the right kind of food. 

Another one of the best ways to attract birds to your yard this spring is to provide the kind of food they actually like. Think about the kinds of birds you want to attract and find out what types of food they prefer. For example, bluebirds aren’t drawn to seeds. They prefer a varied diet of insects and fruits. 

On the other hand, cardinals are big fans of seeds.

Plant native plants.

Attract songbirds to your garden by planting more native plants. Not only will this help provide a more natural diet for the birds, but it also helps provide cover and shelter.

Add trees and shrubs to your garden. 

Trees and shrubs, like flowers, help provide natural shelter for birds. They offer birds protection from predators and a natural nesting space. Evergreens and shrubs can also provide good cover throughout every season. 

And if you aren’t sure what to plant, check with your local extension office for a list of native trees and shrubs that could help attract birds. 

Reduce the size of your lawn.

Finally, here’s one of the ways to attract birds to your yard this spring that may surprise you. Limit your actual turf by adding more native plants, which include native grasses like switchgrass and little bluestem.

What’s more, by reducing the size of your lawn, you will also reduce your use of fertilizers, which can be harmful to birds.


Make plans to convert your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary now, and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space like never before. If you’d like to add a Japanese maple to your garden or yard, contact us to schedule an appointment with our gardens manager. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about Crooked Oaks and ways to enjoy the great outdoors!

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