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7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Fall wedding season is upon us, and we’re feeling colorful! It’s a good time to set the mood by sharing some tips for choosing your wedding colors to help create the picturesque wedding of your dreams!

Find inspiration.

Find inspiration for your wedding colors all around you. From the color of clothes you tend to buy to your home décor to fashion blogs to style magazines to Pinterest boards to nature—you get the idea!

Pick a primary color.

In this case, we’re not necessarily talking red, yellow and blue. But we are talking about one main, or primary, color that will be used the most in your wedding décor.

Then you can select a few other colors to complement or round-out your wedding color palette.

Consult the color wheel.

Next up when it comes to tips for choosing your wedding colors, don’t shy away from the color wheel. It can help you find the perfect pairing naturally.

Generally, opposing colors on the color wheel go well together. Likewise, color “neighbors” also blend and work well together without being too “matchy-matchy.”

Consider your venue.

Is your wedding venue more of a blank slate, or does it include established décor?

If your special day is happening in an exclusive hotel or country club, for example, pay attention to their existing furniture, wall colors and other décor. You will want to pick colors that go with what’s already there.

On the other hand, if your venue is more outdoorsy like Crooked Oaks, the sky is the limit when it comes to your colors.

Think about the season.

While this shouldn’t limit your color choices, it is something to think about when it comes to the varying shades of your color choice.

If you want nothing more than to be a blushing bride surrounded by pink, it can be done any time of the year!

Need some guidance? Typically, soft pastels are perfect for spring, while a bright coral screams summer. Vibrant fuchsia pairs well with other fall jewel tones, and a dusty rose paired with silver embodies winter.

Set the mood.

Are you going for fun and lively or classic and romantic? The colors you choose can help set the mood for the entire wedding.

Choose flattering colors.

Here’s one of the tips for choosing your wedding colors that applies to more than the bride. Of course, the bride should consider and go for colors that are flattering on her or near her.

That includes the wedding party. Think about what shades complement not just your skin tone as the bride, but what will work for most of your bridesmaids too.


Once you pick your wedding colors, you’ll be surprised at how quickly other details fall into place. Invitations, flowers, the wedding cake, table décor, wedding party attire, guests’ keepsakes and more will feature your wedding colors creating one cohesive look.

Remember that inspiration we were talking about? Keep reading our blogs for more of it!

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