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7 Reasons to Host Your Clients at Crooked Oaks

Your clients make a thriving business possible. Naturally, you want to show them your appreciation! One effective idea? Booking their lodging where Southern hospitality meets the beauty of nature. After all, you can always find reasons to host your clients at Crooked Oaks.

Wide Open Space

A hustling, bustling area can get overwhelming. Treat your clients to a calming, spacious venue at Crooked Oaks. They’ll appreciate the consideration—and the sights!

Crooked Oaks Sits Close to Town

The perfect proximity! Located near Auburn, Crooked Oaks offers a refuge in nature—but not a long commute. That way, your clients don’t have to drive far for the big meeting.

Fun Downtime Options

What makes clients come back? Showing them that you value their business—and showing them that you value their happiness too. At Crooked Oaks, your clients can enjoy all kinds of fun downtime options. Quail hunts, horse-riding, visiting our waterfalls, and more—here, they can truly unwind.

A Variety of Lodging Options

No need to make your V.I.P. travel alone! Whether your client comes with coworkers or a partner, we offer a variety of lodging options. From a one-bedroom barn, to our two-bed breezeway bedrooms, to our three-room cabins, to even a six-room lodge that sleeps 12, you can take your pick.

Tailormade Experiences

You know your client best! That means you know exactly what they want, from business plans to lodging. So, if you want to customize your client’s experience, let us know. We’ll tailor their trip completely to your requests!

The Natural Beauty

Fresh air and natural beauty—they make the perfect pair. Throughout his or her stay, your client will see Japanese maples, gorgeous gardens, and sprawling grounds. And yes, we encourage every guest to explore!

A Spot to Snap Photos

Did you know that people on social media love seeing the faces behind the businesses they follow? Along those lines, you can offer to take gorgeous photos of your clients at Crooked Oaks. That way, you can give them mementos of their great trip. And, you can curate content for their social media or pass the assets along to their team. Another win-win!


You can pick out multiple reasons to host your clients at Crooked Oaks—and they’ll be glad you did. After all, just like you, we only believe in giving out V.I.P. treatment.

Fun fact: we host all kinds of events! So, the next time you, your clients, your best buds, or anyone else needs a place to stay, contact us at 334-257-1519 or email for more information. Finally, get to know all about Crooked Oaks on our blog.

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