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The Most Colorful Japanese Maples for Fall

Bright, beautiful, and bold—Japanese maples know how to stand out. Add in the changing autumn leaves, and you have gorgeous blooms on your hands. Want to plant a tree or two this season? Check out the most colorful Japanese maples for fall.


Red, red, and more red—Viridis Japanese maples burn with this shade in spades. After all, if you can make just one color look that good, why branch out into the rest? It may sound simple, but this tree will astonish anyone!

It’s also a sleeper surprise. Usually, it’s green, only to change dramatically in the autumn.

Crimson Queen

A true ruler of taste and style! If you like weeping willows, you’ll adore Crimson Queen Japanese maples. They feature thin, fine leaves in hues of scarlet.

Villa Taranto

Villa Taranto Japanese maples distinguish themselves from the pack with their spidery leaves. That’s right—it’s kind of like having a year-round Halloween decoration.

After a pink spring and a green summer, they’ll bloom gold in the fall.


Higasayama, or Hikasayama, Japanese maples bring several sensational colors together. Their patterns have a checkerboard-like effect. As they grow, you’ll see shades like green, white, pink, red, and yellow.


Another great option among our Japanese maples for fall. Hogyoku Japanese maples are known for their lovely orange leaves. Like the Viridis, this variety also spends most of the year in shades of green.

It also thrives in spots with steamy summers. So, Southerners, you’ll love this option!


Imagine a burst of red bringing color to your yard. That’s just what Osakazuki Japanese maples provide. If you have a shady yard, it will fit in fantastically.


Fun fact: Crooked Oaks has all of the Japanese maples above listed on our cultivar list. That means you can contact us to see if we have your favorite options ready for pick-up.

So, not only will you have the most colorful Japanese maples for fall, but you’ll also have the most stunning yard on the block too. And, autumn is actually the ideal time to plant them!

Want a Japanese maple of your very own? Contact us here! Or, visit our gardens in person! Our gardens manager is available to assist your Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Finally, for more on all things Crooked Oaks, browse our blog.

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