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The Hidden Treasure of Crooked Oaks Farm

With large gatherings limited and events taking on a different character these days, we’ve all had to get a bit creative with how we spend our time. We’ve got the perfect suggestion for you—and it’s right here at Crooked Oaks! Our Japanese Maple Gardens are truly a sight to be seen—and the perfect way to stay socially distanced while taking in the area’s natural beauty. There’s a reason why these gardens are called “The Hidden Treasure of Crooked Oaks Farm.” Read on to learn why!

Rooted for generations

Championed by the late Coach Pat Dye, our Japanese Maple Gardens boast mature trees with 20 years of growth. That means we’ve got foliage that dates back generations—which itself adds a touch of history to your garden tour!

A proliferation of plant life

The gardens are home to more than 50 varieties of Japanese maple cultivars. Coach Dye designed the garden to display something blooming year round—another detail that makes it so special. In addition, an array of other maples are potted and planted for sale on the property at our nursery! His vision for the nursery and gardens was to always have guests enjoy a stroll down the path of winding foliage and fauna, with the opportunity to take home plants and turn their backyards into a similar oasis.

Waterfall wanderlust

But wait, there is more! The garden hosts a terraced water feature with multiple waterfalls!  There’s nothing like the sound of rushing water to put your mind at ease! Being the innovative man that he was, Coach Dye and his team actually hand built the entire terraced water feature out of rocks and stones that were pulled out of the Red Creek that runs through the farm property. The stones you find among the waterfalls tell a deep history, each and every one of them holding a piece of the story that makes up Crooked Oaks. You will also find several “thinking rocks” placed strategically around the garden path, for a moment of quiet pondering or simply to stop and listen to the babbling tales of the waterfalls.

From slow strolls to brisk walks

The path through Crooked Oaks’ Japanese Maple Gardens takes you around a loop. The path has various cut outs that have different specimen trees on display and seasonal blooms flanking them. Whether you want to take your time, or you only have a few minutes, the path is suitable for you to choose your own pace. With the dappled light from towering pines and scattered redwoods, it’s an easy walk for those not wanting to invest time and effort into a long hike!

Open to all

The best part about The Hidden Treasure of Crooked Oaks Farm? You’re invited! The gardens are open for the public to enjoy throughout the week and Saturdays. We also offer garden tours and provided lunches upon booking!


From studying new varieties of plants to simply basking in its natural beauty, The Hidden Treasure of Crooked Oaks Farm is the place to be—any time of year! Bring a friend, your significant other, or just yourself and come see why we’ve fallen in love with Crooked Oaks’ Japanese Maple Gardens.

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  1. Kenneth E. Rice

    I spent many days with Coach on the farm and will always have great thankfulness for this. Pat and the garden is and was great. War Eagle Pat, Ken

  2. Crooked Oaks

    Thank you for these kind words Ken. We agree wholeheartedly, it’s a very special place. War Eagle from everyone here at Crooked Oaks!

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