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Everything You Need to Know About Quail Hunting at Crooked Oaks

Location. Is. Everything. Whether you’re new to quail hunting or you’ve gone before, it’s hard to find a place that can compare to Crooked Oaks. Our picturesque preserve offers you a home away from home, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors. If you’re interested in a visit, here’s everything you need to know about quail hunting at Crooked Oaks.

Quail, in the Plural

Crooked Oaks is home to lots and lots of quail. A group of them is actually called a “covey”!

Our Specific Quail

Wondering what breed of Quail you’ll find at Crooked Oaks? Get ready to find some bobwhite quail on your trip.

Hunting Season

Did you know that Crooked Oaks has a longer quail hunting season? We earned an extra month, since we’re a preserve. Our quail hunting season lasts from October to March!

Multiple Hunt Packages

Soon, you could be creating magical memories at Crooked Oaks! We offer multiple hunting packages too, so that you can select an option that fits your plans and budget. They are:

  • Half-Day Quail Hunt. This option starts at $1,500, for three hunters. Each additional hunter is $500. Additionally, this fun hunt will include a delicious lunch!
  • Overnight Two-Day Hunt. Want a relaxing getaway? Our overnight two-day package includes not one but two hunts, as well as four tasty meals. This package costs $1,000 per hunter.
  • Full Day and Stay Hunt. Welcome to Crooked Oaks! You can enjoy a peaceful stay, as well as two hunts. Four meals are also included. Book this option for $1,000 per hunter.

Bird Dogs

Bird dogs are welcome at Crooked Oaks! In fact, their presence is encouraged. These smart, scent-sensitive pups can be an amazing asset during a quail hunt. So, if you have a canine companion fit for the job, bring him or her along. The most popular bird dog breeds are:

  • Brittany Spaniels;
  • Boykin Spaniels;
  • English Springer Spaniels;
  • German Short-Haired Pointers; and
  • Wire-Haired Pointers.

Walking Bird Courses

Get ready for a wonderful time at Crooked Oaks! We have several walking bird courses available for visitors.

We Use Shotguns

Our quail hunting groups use shotguns—usually 20-gauge ones. Other options range from a 410 to a twelve-gauge.

Gun Safety

Speaking of shooting, we have a quick safety tip for you. Never, ever shoot low across a field. It can result in a tragedy, hitting another person or dog. You should also keep your gun on safety mode, right until it is in the proper position and moment to shoot.

Binoculars: The Perfect Weapon

Binoculars can be the perfect weapon, especially when it comes to skittish quails. See them from afar with this helpful tool.

A Wardrobe Reminder

When you’re choosing what you’ll wear on your hunt, remember to select bright colors and high-visibility vests. That way, you’ll stand out—and stay safe.

A Parting Gift

You won’t be going home with empty hands after quail hunting at Crooked Oaks. We prepare your birds to go home with you! Enjoy an all-natural 100% field-to-table take-home harvest. That means you can take organic, hormone-free, unprocessed meat home with you for even better eating.


One last thing to know about quail hunting at Crooked Oaks: you’re in for an incredible visit. If you—and some friends and family—want to spend some of the upcoming hunting season at our preserve, we’d love to show you some welcoming hospitality. Book your visit online today! You can also learn more about Crooked Oaks on our site and on our blog. Happy—and safe—hunting to you all!

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