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Crooked Oaks’ Tips for a Successful Quail Hunt

Listen to your guide. He is there to help guide you to first be safe in the field. Upland quail hunting done properly is more than a hunt. It is also a spectator sport and an all-around event. Of course, there are more than a handful of basic tips for a successful quail hunt that ensure a good time.

Make sure you have the right gear.

From clothing to guns and ammo, know what you need. In this case, preferred guns are double-barrel shotguns within the 20–28-gauge range. #8 shots work great as well. Coach Dye preferred a 410 when hunting quail. Bring hunter orange to wear while out in the field and a good pair of comfortable boots.

Make sure whatever gun you choose is one you are comfortable with. Precision is key when it comes to hunting upland birds!

Good hunting dogs offer an advantage.

For example, specialty breeds—like Brittanys and English Pointers, English Setters and German Shorthaired Pointers—make excellent bird dogs. When well-trained, having a bird dog out front can make a successful quail hunt.

Watching good bird dogs work the wind and checking birdy spots of cover is a thrilling time for all.

Know general gun safety tips.

These are tips for a successful quail hunt that are worth a bulleted recap:

  • Keep gun unloaded and breach open until your guide tells you to load and get ready for the birds to flush.
  • Point gun muzzle upward until you are ready to shoot.
  • Shoot quail while they are flying. Be sure to know where the dogs, guides and fellow hunters are before you shoot.


Now is the perfect time to book your quail hunt with us! Alabama bobwhite quail season starts in October at Crooked Oaks. Booking early gives you a better chance of selecting your preferred day and time. Plus, don’t forget to ask about our various packages. Note: all packages include a Crooked Oaks gift bag, and cleaned, packaged birds!

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