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9 Tips for Taking Your Kids Fishing for the First Time

Are you fishing for fun things to do with your kids before the summer ends? Since we love spending time outdoors—and have fishing opportunities right here at Crooked Oaks—we thought it would be a good time to share these tips for taking your kids fishing for the first time.

Plan the day with your kids in mind.

This might be the most important out of all the tips for taking your kids fishing for the first time. Remember: the main goal is fun!

Adjust your expectations.

Create excitement, but keep expectations reasonable. Build anticipation by talking about fish and fishing, and practice casting ahead of time. Let them know it isn’t about catching a big fish. It’s about catching any fish!

Get the right equipment.

You want to fish with gear that fits your kids. Try a five-foot rod with an eight to 10-pound line. Keep it simple. Make sure you use a bobber, so it is easier for kids to see when they get a bite.

Start small.

First, start small as in the size of the pond. Second, start small as in the size of the fish. Take your kids where you know they can catch small fish like crappie, panfish or trout.

Set a time limit.

Kids have short attention spans. Keep them engaged by limiting the amount of time you plan on fishing. Instead of an all-day fishing trip, keep it short with no more than a few hours.

Use live bait.

Let’s be honest here. Live bait adds to the excitement for kids. Since you will likely be using small hooks, crickets might be the best bait option. However, worms—or wigglers—can be fun all on their own.

Make a backup plan.

Wondering what we mean by backup plan? To keep kids happy who haven’t caught a fish, be ready to distract them with other outdoor fun. Plan a nature scavenger hunt. Let them collect rocks or critters. Race leaf boats along the water’s edge. Bring along a jar, and look for tadpoles.

Focus on fun!

You want your kids to like fishing. Keep it fun! Bring plenty of snacks and water. Bring along some games. Maybe make it a one-on-one activity for extra quality time.

Safety first.

Wear life jackets when you are fishing. Even if you are standing on the banks, it’s a good habit to instill while they are young. Don’t forget hats, sunglasses and sunscreen too!

It’s also a good idea to have a first aid kit in your tackle box just in case.


Fishing is more than catching fish. It’s quality time, and it’s time outdoors appreciating nature. You can find all that and more just 20 minutes outside of Auburn in Notasulga at Crooked Oaks. We offer peace and quiet. Nature at its finest, and yes, even fishing!

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