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8 Reasons We Are Thankful for Crooked Oaks

You can celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving each and everyday by expressing your gratitude. With only three days left until the turkey is on the table, we’re feeling quite appreciative. Let us serve up some of the reasons we are thankful for Crooked Oaks to kick off the holiday.

A Place to Say “I Do”

Couples remember where they said their vows forever! At Crooked Oaks, we love cultivating a space for new spouses to spend their special day. Not to mention, the wedding pictures turn out fantastic too!

Sharing Pat Dye’s Passion for Nature with the Community

Crooked Oaks is too beautiful not to share with the community! Coach Pat Dye believed that everyone should experience the wonders of nature nestled here, along with his beloved Japanese maples.

Incredible Hospitality

Good Southern hospitality is an art—and we try to make each individual visit into a masterpiece. From preparing game catches for you to take home, to our welcoming spirit, to our homey lodging, we strive to make sure that everyone is one of the family.

Experiencing and Educating about Japanese Maples

Our famous Japanese maples are so incredible that they deserve their own spot on this list. You can find more than 200 kinds at Crooked Oaks alone. So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about them—and the other plants we have on the property—we’re happy answer all of your questions. Did we mention that you can take a tree of your own home with you too?

A Space to Relax

After all that hard work, you’re due for some R&R. From weekend getaways, to corporate retreats, to long wedding weekends, the beautiful grounds of Crooked Oaks offers an incredible spot to unwind. No wonder that’s one of the reasons we are thankful for Crooked Oaks.

A Variety of Recreational Activities

If you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll love your time at Crooked Oaks. We offer a variety of recreational activities, such as fishing and quail hunting, for you to experience on your visit. Plus, your bird dog is welcome here too!

Preserving Natural Settings

Nature needs our protection—and we take that calling seriously! With the help of the Crooked Oaks Legacy Foundation, we intend to keep Crooked Oaks pristine for current and future generations to explore too.

Our Guests

Each year, we’re lucky enough to welcome more new guests to Crooked Oaks. We love getting to know our visitors—and we love making marvelous memories for them too.


Here, we love community—which is why you yourself are one of the biggest reasons we are thankful for Crooked Oaks. Whether you’re a newcomer or you know our land like the back of your hand, you’re always welcome here! Book your next trip today. And until it comes around, you can always experience our offerings through our blog.

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