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7 Ways to Warm Up at Crooked Oaks This Winter

Did you know we are exactly a month away from the first day of winter? Before December 21st blows in, discover seven ways to warm up at Crooked Oaks this winter and beat the cold with Southern hospitality!

Take a hike.

One good way to warm up this winter at Crooked Oaks is with a good old-fashioned hike! Layer up, put on your hiking shoes and head to 768 Red Creek Road, just outside of Auburn.

Get cozy in a warm cabin or at the lodge.

When you think winter, do you think “hibernate?” One of the best ways to warm up at Crooked Oaks this winter requires you to channel your inner bear.

Reserve a cozy cabin in the woods or a private room at the lodge and make plans to stay nice and warm indoors! Find out more about our lodging options here.

Sip hot chocolate or coffee on the porch.

Whether you are staying for the night or just a few hours, warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate or freshly-brewed coffee on our lodge porch.

Sit by the fire.

Meet old friends or make new ones sitting by the crackling fire around our firepit.

Go for a run.

With lodging dates now open for January, this outdoor activity will get your blood pumping just in time to keep your New Year’s resolution to exercise from the start!

Shop for a Japanese maple.

Do you know what else gets your blood pumping? Shopping! Luckily, our gardens manager is on-site Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help you find the perfect Japanese maple!

Read our blog, 5 Tips for Picking the Best Type of Japanese Maple for Your Property, before your visit so you’ll know what kind of questions to ask.

Sit in the sunshine.

The winter sun may not be as hot as the summer sun, but on bright winter days, its rays are still warm. Make plans to take a moment to renew, refresh and re-energize with the warmth of the sun this winter.

In fact, you can be like a Crooked Oaks turtle and sit by the pond!


Now that these ways to warm up at Crooked Oaks this winter are dancing in your head, contact us to book your upcoming stay! It is the perfect time to get a head start on planning your winter retreat or Valentine’s Day getaway. For more things to do at Crooked Oaks, keep reading our blogs!

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