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7 Reasons to Plan a Visit to Crooked Oaks This Spring

It’s finally getting warmer! The days are finally getting longer! Let’s kick off the season with a list of reasons to plan a visit to Crooked Oaks this spring that starts with getting outside.

Enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Did you know fresh air cleans your lungs, plus boosts your mood? It’s true. Fresh air can also increase your energy levels, lower your heart rate and improve digestion.

As for sunshine, get a natural dose of vitamin D when you plan your visit for midday!

Read more on our blog, 7 Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors.

Pick up a Japanese maple for your property.

Add a pop of color to your yard with the beauty of a Japanese maple. Whether you are picking one out for your yard at home, or you are a commercial landscaper looking for foliage for your clients, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure where to begin since we have more than 200 varieties in propagation? Start by reading our tips on picking the best Japanese maple for your property!

Still unsure? Our gardens manager is on hand to assist Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Start planning your wedding.

Spring is the perfect time to plan your fall or winter wedding if it’s later this year. But spring is also the perfect time to start planning your spring wedding, even if it’s a year away!

Learn more about our wedding packages and get ready to fall in love with your wedding venue.

Tour the property before reserving it for your next event.

Stressing over planning a big event? Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or both, contact us to ask about scheduling a tour of our grounds.

Not sure our space is right for your event? You might be pleasantly surprised by the 12 Types of Events You Can Host at Crooked Oaks.

Soak up the spring colors on our grounds when you stay with us.

From budding trees to blooming flowers to vibrant Japanese maples, here’s one of our favorite reasons to plan a visit to Crooked Oaks this spring.

Our hearts may belong to Japanese maples, but we’re still southern, and we still love blooming azaleas and more.

Go fishing when you stay with us.

Grab your fishing pole and your bait. Drop a line in one of our ponds or in the creek for a little catch and release.

Book a staycation!

Finally, we can all use a little rest and relaxation. Discover why you should plan your next staycation at Crooked Oaks. Then ask us about booking your stay!


Now that we’ve shared these seven reasons to plan a visit to Crooked Oaks this spring, we’ll be expecting you! In the meantime, learn more about us and all we have to offer by reading our blogs.

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