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5 Ways We Show You Southern Hospitality at Crooked Oaks

A friendly smile. Someone holding the door open for you. Good home cooking. These are things people think of when it comes to Southern hospitality. And these five ways we show you Southern hospitality at Crooked Oaks are sure to win us a special place in your blessed heart!

Hosting you is our pleasure.

Whether you are coming by to pick up a Japanese maple from our nursery, meeting friends for a big celebration or planning a quiet getaway for two, we love to host! Our accommodations range from a rustic hunting lodge suitable for large parties to cozy cabins tucked among the whispering longleaf pines.

Find out more about our overnight lodging options, and let a visit be one of the ways we show you Southern hospitality at Crooked Oaks in person!

We’ve never met a stranger!

In other words, there’s always an open door and a friendly face waiting to greet you at Crooked Oaks! We have room for you, your friends and your family. From weddings to corporate retreats to reunions, we can’t wait to catch up and find out more about what’s been happening with you.

We’re always looking to help.

Southerners love to be helpful. At Crooked Oaks, this Southern hospitality trait is demonstrated by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

They are always ready and willing to assist, whether it’s suggesting which rooms and lodging packages are right for you or what entertainment options would complement your upcoming event.

Speaking of being helpful and events, take a minute to discover the seven ways we can help customize your event at Crooked Oaks for a better understanding of Southern hospitality.

We can’t wait to celebrate.

Being ready to celebrate life’s milestone moments and more comes with the territory of hosting. There are the big moments, like weddings and anniversaries, but there can be others mixed in. Check out all the ways we can help you celebrate with a dozen different events that could be hosted here.

We promote a laid-back lifestyle.

Life in the South moves at a slower pace. We like to take our time enjoying the simple things, like nature and chats by the fireside, for example.

If you find yourself staying for a while, don’t forget to bring your fishing pole. We have a few ponds on the property that are perfect for a relaxing day of fishing.


Now that you are familiar with some of the ways we show you Southern hospitality at Crooked Oaks, plan your visit to experience it yourself. Keep learning more about us and our charming ways when you continue to read our blogs!

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