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5 Ways Japanese Maples Can Enhance Your Property

Can a tree really boost the value of your property? It sure can! Check out these five ways Japanese maples can enhance your property.

As a focal point for your yard

When landscaping your yard, you must consider what the focal points will be. Visually, a tree is perfect for this in order to draw the eye.

More specifically, Japanese maples are a good focal point due to their beautiful leaves, smooth bark and wide stature.

Add color to your landscaping

Speaking of beautiful leaves, adding a Japanese maple to your property can also help add color to your landscaping.

These ornamental trees boast rich and vibrant foliage that comes in shades of red, orange and green.

Diversify your landscaping

Another one of the ways Japanese maples can enhance your property is by adding uniqueness and elegance to your landscaping.

With a staggering diversity, Japanese maples show new character each season and are sure to shine just as bright as your flowers.

Create a shade garden

Japanese maples are compact trees that can grow anywhere between two and 40 feet tall, depending on variation. With this in mind, if you plant a Japanese maple on your property, it could create enough shade for a shade garden.

Shade gardens are areas that typically retain soil moisture due to the protection from the sun and cooler temperatures. This is perfect for those plants that benefit from cool air.

Add to your property value

In addition to the beauty and cultivation benefits, planting a Japanese maple can also add to your property value. These trees will add eye-catching curb appeal and can provide shade during the hot summer months.


Now that you know these five ways Japanese maples can enhance your property, are you ready to plant your own? Stop on by Crooked Oaks, located at 768 Red Creek Road in Notasulga, Alabama, to talk to our gardens manager and find the right Japanese maple variation for you.

And once you’ve done that, be sure to come back and continue reading our blogs for more planting tips!

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