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5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Aesthetic

Your wedding day should give you and your guests all the feels. It should have a whole vibe. It should share your love story and personality. But finding your wedding style can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing five tips for choosing your wedding aesthetic to help you set the mood!

Make a list of your favorite things.

First up on the list of tips for choosing your wedding aesthetic is to make a list! Take a minute to think about your favorite things, from works of art to songs to movies to books. Think about whatever inspires you.

Then write down what you love about those things. This simple trick can help your wedding style go from “too trendy” to perfectly personal.

Look at real weddings.

Another good way to help you decide what you like or don’t like is to look at real-life examples. Scroll online or pick up a few wedding magazines for inspiration.

Reflect on your interior design style.

Another one of our favorite tips for choosing your wedding aesthetic is to look around you. What does your home décor look like? Is it modern? Bohemian? Beachy?

What kind of hotels do you prefer? What’s the décor like at your favorite restaurant? Paying attention to your own interior design tastes can help you decide your overall concept.

Think about the venue.

While the venue may not determine the entire wedding aesthetic, it does play a big role. The wedding venue could be considered the foundation on which the rest of the look and feel are built.

Pay attention to the venue’s existing décor and natural surroundings. At Crooked Oaks, those surroundings include beautiful foliage, a rustic lodge and more.

Consider the time of year.

When you get married, as in the time of year, could help determine a variety of details, including the color scheme, food, flowers and dress code.

Ask yourself, “What’s my favorite season?” And let the inspiration flow from there.


No matter your style, we’ll work with you and your vendors to help customize your special day. In fact, you can find out more about us in general and what it’s like to host a special event at Crooked Oaks when you continue to read our blogs!

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