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5 Reasons We Are Grateful for the Great Outdoors This Holiday Season

Natural scenery and garden views can help us find the beautiful, calming, and revitalizing aspects of life. There are so many reasons to love nature. Here are five reasons why we are grateful for the great outdoors this holiday season.

Health benefits

Getting outside has many health benefits. One benefit is that it can help reduce stress. Stress can harm a healthy mind and immune system. When not managed properly, stress can become unhealthy.

Did you know? Staying inside can actually begin to have a negative impact on your immune system. The best way to keep a healthy immune system is by challenging it regularly.

Luckily for us, there is a natural stress reliever right outside our doors. Learn more about the health benefits of nature by reading our blog, 7 Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors.

Beautiful views

Spending time outside is more than just physically beneficial; it’s visually and mentally beneficial as well. Whether you’re exploring through the woods, meandering around the lake, or taking in the gardens, being outdoors is healing.

Slow down to enjoy the calming effect of nature’s beauty by embracing the colors, textures, sounds, and feelings.

Gives us space

Another one of the reasons we are grateful for the great outdoors this holiday season is the space it gives us. Outdoor spaces provide us with a place to gather with friends and family, as well as a place to go alone.

Whether you’re unwinding with your friends or venturing out alone to meditate, nature offers a space for us to stay connected and healthy.

Wildlife and foliage

The outdoors is the place to see wildlife and experience the breath of fresh air that nature provides.

Be sure to take time to treasure and protect the wildlife that inhabits the world and the foliage growing naturally around us.


Outdoor education is beneficial for everyone. Don’t worry, there are no books or desks here. The best way to learn about nature is by getting outside and exploring hands-on.

Nature can teach valuable lessons about responsibility and confidence. See what else you can learn outdoors by reading our blog, 5 Reasons Crooked Oaks Is a Good Place to Learn About the Great Outdoors.


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Find out more about us and all things outdoors by continuing to read our blogs. Happy holidays from all of us  here at Crooked Oaks!

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