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5 Benefits of Hosting an Outdoor Wedding

There is no denying that there is something magical about an outdoor wedding. From the fresh air to the whimsical backdrop, these five benefits of hosting an outdoor wedding may leave you feeling ready to plan!

Natural scenery

One of the biggest benefits of hosting an outdoor wedding is the natural scenery. When choosing to get married outdoors, the décor is already there. Fresh greenery, natural lighting, well-kept landscapes—outdoor venues can’t be beat.

You can even pick a venue, like Crooked Oaks, that matches the theme or aesthetic of your wedding. Allow the beauty of nature to be the backdrop to your big day.

Natural lighting also allows for stunning wedding photos. Natural light that is soft and diffused is universally flattering.

More space

Hosting your wedding outdoors gives you more space. Outdoor venues are often more spacious and versatile than indoor locations.

You can set up separate areas for your ceremony and reception or have an area guests can step away to while the festivities are going on without having to leave the venue.

Being outdoors and having more space can also help relieve the anxiety of the post-pandemic world, along with the fresh air. More space allows your guests to spread out comfortably.

More intimate and personal

Another one of the benefits of hosting an outdoor wedding is the intimacy and personalization it allows.

When you’re surrounded by nature, family and friends, there’s an added intimacy. Make the environment work for you by showing your personality through photographs, mementos and other meaningful items.

The blank space of the outdoors becomes your personal canvas and little slice of paradise.

Money saving

Choosing to have an outdoor wedding can save you money as well. As we mentioned, the natural scenery can provide a beautiful backdrop, meaning less décor. Needing fewer decorations reduces the amount of money spent.

Outdoor locations with beautiful views allow nature’s beauty to do the work for you.

Kid friendly

Talkative toddler? Crying baby? Neither is an issue at an outdoor venue. Outdoor weddings give your tiny guests space to roam during and after the ceremony.

You can even add a few outdoor games for the reception to keep the little ones entertained. Cornhole, bubble blowing, or even a craft station are all fun options.


Now that you know the benefits of hosting an outdoor wedding, let our team here at Crooked Oaks help you plan your big day. We offer a variety of wedding packages and have a beautiful covered pavilion. Rain or shine, your outdoor wedding will go on.

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