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12 Types of Events You Can Host at Crooked Oaks

Japanese maples, cozy cabins, and a canopy of lights—we don’t want for much at Crooked Oaks. The only thing we’re missing? You! Next time you want to celebrate a momentous occasion, get together for some bonding time or even just take some time to yourself, consider letting us offer a beautiful backdrop. If you need some inspiration—or an excuse—check out these terrific types of events you can host at Crooked Oaks.

Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners

Celebrate your special day in style at Crooked Oaks! You can even select a package that includes hosting for both your wedding and rehearsal dinner. Additionally, we offer lodging on-site, so the bride and groom can focus on their special day.

Bachelor Weekends

It’s your last weekend before you marry the love of your life! Years of bliss—who wouldn’t want to celebrate that? Kick off your nuptials with a bachelor weekend, complete with a quail hunt and lodging, at Crooked Oaks. Then, it’s on to the “I do’s!”

Engagement Parties

Congratulations! Start an exciting new chapter of your life at Crooked Oaks. Your friends and family will love toasting your upcoming nuptials at our serene settings.


From brides-to-be, to babies on the way, Crooked Oaks promises to make each celebration memorable. Not to mention, you know our Japanese maples will make the pictures shine!

Corporate Retreat

You work together. Now, you get to relax! We provide lodging, a hunting package, and even farm-to-table dressing, so you can take your game home with you.


Conferences don’t have to be stuffy, staid occasions! They’re actually one of the many events you can host at Crooked Oaks. Infuse a homey touch by moving your next conference our way!

Anniversaries and Birthdays

That special someone in your life deserves an equally special celebration. Whether they’re becoming another year older and wiser, or your love continues to live on, it’s time for some fun. Let us give you a celebration you’ll never forget!

Weekend Getaways

After a long week, we all need to unwind. Well, there’s no better place than the great outdoors. You can settle in at one of our cabins, barns, lodges, or breezeway bedrooms. Then, you can explore our gardens, go hunting, and take in some stellar Southern hospitality.

Hunting with the Guys

When was the last time you spent some quality time with your friend group? Reconnect over cooked game that you’ve hunted together on a weekend retreat at Crooked Oaks. If you want, you can also take the kids hunting with you all for some extra bonding time!

Family Reunions

Tired of hosting the whole family at your home? All that cleaning, cooking, and well, more cleaning, can take all the excitement out of a visit. Show yourself—and your folks—some love by hosting the next reunion at Crooked Oaks.

Class Reunions

You probably need a whole lot space for your class reunion! Considering we’ve hosted quite a few big weddings, we know the drill. Catch up on years of memories—and make new ones—with a Crooked Oaks class reunion. Did we mention that you can take a bit of the event home with you? All you need to do is pick out one of our many varieties of Japanese maples to plant in your garden.

Sorority and Fraternity Events

They’re not just like family—they are family! So, it makes sense you’d want to treat them like it. You can give your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers the experience of a lifetime at Crooked Oaks. Don’t forget your cameras—you’ll want a ton of pictures at our breathtaking location.


Crooked Oaks offers a home away from home—and you’re all invited. If any of these types of events you can host at Crooked Oaks sound appealing to you, come on over! You can book your next hunting trip, wedding, reunion, and more here. Or, feel free to call 334-257-1519 or email for more information.

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