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10 Reasons to Host Your Wedding at Crooked Oaks

Crooked Oaks Farm serves as the perfect wedding venue for a perfect day. The Farm has a very special way of truly embracing the moments that make saying “I Do” priceless. Coach Dye has worked on the land for decades – the pines that sway in the summer breeze were planted by Coach, the Japanese Maples that dot the landscape and create scenic walkways and trails are rooted in true legacy. The hunting lodge that stands majestically overlooking a private lake has hosted stories, conversations, dinners, bridal parties, hunters, families, and friends for years and years. The flowers that naturally decorate every inch of the property have been hand-picked and planted to accommodate mesmerizing and naturally blooming flora throughout every season.

How many of us have pictured the dress or tux we will wear on our special day? Or the loved ones we will have around us as we say our vows? Or the cake we will cut together? All of these choices contribute to the amazing memories people make when they find the love of their life. Well, finding the right wedding venue is a very important piece to the process, and we want to share with you why Crooked Oaks Farm will nurture that special day and host those memories for years to come.  Check out the many reasons you will not regret choosing Crooked Oaks Farm!

A Beautiful, Natural Setting

There is nothing quite like the simplicity of nature and the freedom it provides. Our beautiful, outdoor setting means you get the feel of a private farm, laced in southern woods and charm,  to remember your wedding day! You can enjoy all kinds of amenities and activities in the great outdoors here at Crooked Oaks, everything from a hunt in the field, to a fireplace roaring at the lodge with family and friends! Plus, we offer a canopy of lights too!

Close Proximity to the Auburn-Opelika Area

Crooked Oaks is a short drive to the Auburn-Opelika area. Whether you need a place for extended friends or family to stay over the wedding weekend, a bachelor or bachelorette party go-to, or looking for shopping, dining, and catering options around the corner, we are the ideal location!

Southern Hospitality

One of the reasons to host your wedding at Crooked Oaks is our friendly Southern hospitality. We strive to go above and beyond, providing you and your bridal party, family, and friends an unparalleled experience.  After all, it’s our goal to make everyone feel like family here at the Farm!

Rehearsal Dinners

Did you know that you can hold your rehearsal dinner at Crooked Oaks too? We have the capability of hosting the whole 9 yards! Everything from the rehearsal dinner, to your ceremony, and all the way to the reception and grand get-away!

Custom Packages and Pricing

Your wedding deserves to be special—and that means created specially for you! We have several packages and pricing options that make it easy to customize and build the perfect experience with us, or to accommodate all your wedding wants + needs!

Space for Weddings Large and Small

Some of us like big weddings, while others prefer more intimate affairs. We have space for different-sized weddings, giving you ample room to decide how many people will attend your special day.

Plants A-Plenty

One of the considerations a couple must take into account before their wedding involves the setting—and all the natural flora. Though some people decide to bring in plants like flower bushes or shrubs into the area, our venue already has gorgeous flowers and plants all across it—including long leaf pines, historical oak trees, and delicate Japanese Maples.

Bachelor Party Hunts

Do not worry – we’ve got the bachelor party occupied! Sign up your men, friends, and family for a custom quail hunt package addition! Looking for the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon out in the woods before the big day? Let them enjoy an upland hunt that could easily turn into an annual family tradition!

Staying On-Site

A great perk to hosting your wedding at Crooked Oaks Farm is the fact that you can easily stay on-site! We offer several options, including our Hunting Lodge, Cabin, and Barn Bedroom that can sleep up to 20 people on property. Staying in one place can help your wedding run as smoothly—and as stress-free—as possible, not to mention the fellowship that sparks from a fun weekend altogether on the Farm!

You Can Take a Bit of Crooked Oaks Home with You

Crooked Oaks also offers stunning Japanese Maples for sale. Bring a little bit of us home with you, pick out the perfect tree to symbolize a love that will become deeply rooted and that will grow for years to come! These Maples also make a touching wedding present, one that you can watch bloom and strengthen along with the bond of your marriage.


At Crooked Oaks, one of the highlights of our job is watching how happy our guests are on their special day. We are in the industry of “Disconnect, Recharge, Reset”, meaning that we want to host you for the weekend you deserve – surrounded by all of your loved ones. Take breath of fresh air and a chance to unwind from all of the pressures of life. Step into this serene, private farm with the expectation that we will do everything possible to make you feel like family, and to make sure we see you again.

If you’ve fallen in love with our wedding venue—and all of these reasons to host your wedding at Crooked Oaks—contact us here. You can also check out our site to learn more. Plus, you can give us a call at 334-257-1519 or send an email to if you have any questions. Finally, feel free to read our blog too! Thank you so much for reading all about what Crooked Oaks Farm and Wedding Venue has to offer!

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